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CanEmp Canada is fully Canadian owned organization, a reputed one-stop service centre based in Niagara Falls in the province of Ontario in Canada. We assist individuals and business people from all over the Globe to immigrate to Canada and offer variety of immigration, employment and relocation services to settle down anywhere in Canada, and arrange jobs under various Federal, Provincial and Territorial Government Programs.

As one of the Canada’s leading Immigration experts serving clients worldwide, CanEmp Canada provides a complete service from your initial enquiry through out the process with continued support and advice after you have arrived in your new home

We do not believe in “off-the-shelf” solutions, we understand the need of our prospective clients from both the employer and employee prospective. Our success formula is based on genuinely listening and evaluating individual clients need and ensure that we provide true and honest advice. as a result, we enjoy repeat business from our satisfied clients who endorse our reputation as a most reliable service provider for immigration, employment and relocation services.

We have excellent success rate in professional search and recruitment, offering a comprehensive range of recruitment solutions to the companies all over Canada and services to the new immigrants to assist them to be on the job immediately upon arrival in Canada,

We engage the services of our associates highly experienced Canadian Immigration lawyers who are in good standing with a Canadian Provincial or Territorial Law Society or reputed Canadian Immigration Consultants enjoying full membership of ICCRC. and authorized to represent the clients with Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Canadian Visa Posts. Quebec Immigration Bureaus, and other departments related to immigration process
Why CanEmp Canada :
• We provide true and honest advice to our clients regardless of outcome
• We consistently deliver proven results in the most time efficient manners possible
• We establish equitable, lasting and valuable client relationship
• We promote our reputation by clients satisfaction, the highest quality standard in consulting and advice
• Our associates Certified Canadian Immigration Consultants and Canadian Immigration Lawyers lead the     industry in best practice methods through time tested proven results.
Who do we work with :
CanEmp Canada works with many of the world's leading companies as their immigration and employment advisors. We also assist the business people and investors around the Globe for immigration under investor programs and business management.

We deal with major Financial Institutions, Trust Companies and Brokerages to assist our clients who wish to immigrate as investors and require financing to enable them to meet their investment requirements.

Immigration law is in a constant state of change, that's why it's so important to choose a consultancy firm with its finger on the pulse. CanEmp Canada is the Canada's leading name in Immigration and quite simply, the Immigration experts you can rely on every time,
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